Working Capital Term Loan

Working capital term loans are meant to be a solution for your businesses’ day to day operational and cash flow needs so that you can focus on growing without having to worry about the incurring expenses.

These loans are a smarter and faster way to grow your business rather than relying on traditional profit and reinvesting business models.

Micro Orbit Fintech has your back to maintaining a net working capital by stabilizing your current assets by funding for inventory and receivables to reduce liabilities. We help you maintain a positive cash flow fulfilling your cash flow gaps so you can be future ready.

We take immense pride and pleasure in sharing that with our working cash flow loan options many of our partners were able to prevent the closure of their businesses.

Loan applications:

  • Marketing – invest or fund advertising spends
  • Pay taxes and build a credit profile
  • Finance your stocks and receivables
  • Fulfil your supplier bills
  • Fulfil your hiring or other HR needs
  • Pay your rents
  • Invest in innovation

Why choose Micro Orbit Fintech Lending's Working Capital Term Loan?

  • Flexi choices for repayment – floating or fixed
  • Back you up for success
  • Pay only for the amount taken and not for the entire line of credit
  • More than [insert the percentage] guarantee on loan request clearance
  • Special exemptions available for expert businesses
  • Easy clearance for seasonal businesses
  • Easy clearances for businesses able to showcase controlled inventories and streamlined collections and schedules
  • Tailored options to fit your circumstances

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