Solar Equipment Finance

With growing environment concerns about the excessive use of electricity and greenhouse effect, increasing electricity bills, and constantly depleting natural resources, the government of India is encouraging all consumers to go green by installation of solar equipment at their residences.

To do this, they are also encouraging all financial institutions in India to offer solar equipment loans at modest interest rates.

There are tons of benefits that comes with solar equipment installation; however, most people even today haven’t yet decided to switch to solar energy for their daily power requirements at factory. The enormous installation cost of solar panels is one big reason for not going that route. Considering the situation, We have stepped in by offering great options for solar equipment financing to help facilitate solar panel installation for homes and offices.

Benefits of Solar Equipment / Panels

  • They offer cost savings in the long run
  • It is a future-proof secure investment
  • It increases access to energy
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Green source of energy
  • Low maintenance cost

Micro Orbit Fintech offers lucrative Solar Equipment financing options for Factory & Residential premises. Now, it has become very easy to avail interest free finance for installing solar equipment and saving on electricity bill substantially

Why choose Micro Orbit Fintech Lending's Solar Equipment Finance?

  • Hassle free & quick process
  • Easy documentation
  • Fast approval
  • Zero to minimal down payment
  • No interest charges
  • No Collateral Security.

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