Project Finance

In India, Project Financing is available for industries, both greenfield and brownfield projects.

Greenfield Projects:

When an enterprise with an existing experience or without any prior experience in same line of activity wants to start manufacturing, this is known as a Greenfield project.

Basic Parameters:

  • Newly constructed entity – can be a firm, company, or proprietorship
  • Coming up with a new project in manufacturing – with or without prior industry experience

Brownfield Projects:

When an enterprise with existing experience in same line of activity decides to start manufacturing – be it expansion, backward integration or forward integration, this type of project is known as Brownfield Project.

Why choose Micro Orbit Fintech Advisory's Project Finance?

  • Large team of professionals to help you understand nd prepare detailed project reports (OPR) and future projections.
  • Professional help and execution for various reports related to:
    • Techno-economical viability (TEV) study of the project
    • Title Clearance Report & technical clearance report
  • Evaluating the technical and financial information about the project with relevant data to understand its technological feasibility and economic viability, drilling down to determine which project is recommended for selection, modification or rejection.
  • SWOT Analysis to help you identify the business competition or project planning.
  • 20+ years of experienced personnel and industry knowledge to help you secure the best deals.

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