Private Equity and Venture Capital

At Micro Orbit Fintech, our team interacts closely with private equity funds, venture capital funds, and high net worth investors on an ongoing basis. With so many years of experience and industry edge, our team of professionals have a good understanding of investor’s area of focus, their criteria, thesis, philosophy, and preferences that help us facilitate the most appropriate investor-company fit, delivering the best value.

Why choose Micro Orbit Fintech Advisory's Private Equity and Venture Capital ?

  • Understanding financial requirements
  • Preparing information memorandum and financial model with underlying assumptions
  • Our in-house expert team of Legal & Technical staff assists you in due diligence.
  • Shortlisting investors on the determined parameters
  • Approaching and discussing the deal with potential investors
  • Analyzing offers and negotiating terms
  • Co-ordinating the overall due-diligence
  • Closing of the transaction

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