Industrial Subsidy

The industrial Policy 2020 envisions Gujarat as a Global Business destination for next-generation sustainable manufacturing & service industry that stimulates sustainable development & balanced regional growth. The Industrial Policy focuses on Vocal for Local to become Global & support for development of MSMEs & to focus Export competitiveness. In view of this policy, a scheme is introduced for giving incentives to new investments in the state of the manufacturing sector in order to boost overall economic growth in state & generate Employment opportunities.

Gujarat Government gives various subsidies to industrial units in various sectors to boost up industries in the Economy. The subsidies are given for setting up of the new unit, Expansion of the unit or at time of Backward or Forward integration process.

Type of Subsidies:

  • 1. MSME Subsidy:
    Composite Criteria – Investment @ P&M & Annual Turnover
    Manufacturing & ServicesInvestment < Rs1Cr and Turnover < Rs 5 CrInvestment < Rs 10Cr And Turnover < Rs 50 CrInvestment < Rs 50Cr and Turnover < Rs 250 Cr
    The Industrial unit will get MSME subsidy based on % of Term Loan amount and hence under MSME Policy it is compulsory to avail Term Loan.
    Sr No.ParticularTaluka Category
    010203 & Municipal
    1Quantum of Assistance25% of TL Disbursement20% of TL Disbursement10% of TL Disbursement
    2FCI < Rs 10 CRRs 35 lakh paRs 30 Lakh paRs 10 Lakh pa
    3FCI > Rs 10 CRRs 45 lakh paRs 37.50 LakhRs 15.00 Lakh
    02. Large & Thrust Sector Subsidy:The industrial unit will get Capital Subsidy.
    Taluka CategoryGeneral SectorsThrust Sectors
    Category 110% of eligible FCI (excluding land)12% of eligible FCI (excluding land)
    Category 28% of eligible FCI (excluding land)10% of eligible FCI (excluding land)
    Category 34% of eligible FCI (excluding land)6% of eligible FCI (excluding land)
    Thrust sector means the sectors which is most potaential sector and needs additional support to empower them for global competitiveness.
    3. Electricity Duty Exemption:
    The industrial unit will get Electricity Duty Exemption for 5 years from the date of commencement of production.
    4. Textile Policy:
    Scheme-1Interest SubsidyInterest subsidy will be given to Industrial units ranging from 4% to 6% for 5 years. (Max 20 cr p.a.)
    Scheme-2Power Tariff SubsidyPower tariff subsidy will be given to industrial units ranging from Rs.2 to Rs.3 per billed unit (Kwh) having LT/HT connection for 5 years from the date of commercial production.
    Scheme-3Assistance for Energy & water conservation and environment compliancesAssistance of 20% of cost of Machinery and equipment, maximum upto 30 lakhs which will be separately in each case of Energy conservation, Water conservation and Environment compliance. Assistance at 50% fees paid towards Energy audit (Max 1 Lakh).
    Scheme-4Assistance for technology acquisition & upgradationThe Enterprise acquiring the technology will be provided financial assistance of upto 50% of the investment for technology acquisition/upgradation with maximum of Rs. 25 lakh.
    Scheme-5Support for Establishing Textile Park1. Entity establishing Textile Park on minimum 25 acres land and minimum 20 number of enterprises will be eligible at financial assistance at 25% of capital expenditure for establishing common facilities, common infrastructure and additional infrastructure (except land cost), maximum upto 15 cr. 2. The developer will be eligible for reimbursement of 100% stamp duty paid on purchase of land. 3. In addition, the park will be provided financial assistance @ 25% of the cost of Hotel/Dormitory Housing within the park. (Max 7.50 cr)
    5. Logistics Park Policy:
    Logistics Parks, Inland container depot, container freight station, Air freight station, private freight terminal, air cargo complexes, cold chain facilities, warhouse, non-private jetties which are mainly related to provide Logistics services will be eligible for financial assistance:
    @ 25% of capital expenditure (excluding land) subject to maximum limit of Rs. 15crof interest subsidy @ 7% for 7 years subject to maximum 50 lakhs p.aof reimbursement of 100% of stamp duty paid on purchase of land.
    6. Factory Rent subsidy:
    Max 1 lakh for 5 years
    7. Power connection subsidy:
    35% of expenditure (Max 5 lakh)
    8. Exhibition subsidy:
    Max 5 lakh
    9. National & international certification (BIS/ISI/GMP/HALLMARK) subsidies and also for testing equipment:
    50000 for certification and Maximum 10 lacs for Equipment
    10. Patent subsidy:
    75 % of cost (Max 25 Lakh)

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