Home Insurance

A house insurance coverage helps you protect your own home or rental flat, as well as your personal items, from unanticipated events like burglaries, fires, floods, storms, and explosions.

Buying a home is one of the most important investments people make in their lives. Despite this, many people overlook the need of securing and protecting this vital investment in their lives. Your home is more than just its physical property; it is a lot more precious than you think. From cutting-edge electronics and gorgeous décor to jewelry and other important possessions, your home is a lot more valuable than you think.

Why Home Insurance is more important now than ever before?

Natural disasters, such as storms, floods, and cyclones, have become more common in recent years. India has already seen two cyclones in the first half of 2020, one in the Bay of Bengal and the other in the Arabian Sea. When a natural disaster comes, it not only destroys trees, vehicles, and other external properties, but it also destroys several homes. Your home is one of your most valuable assets, and you must safeguard it against any loss or damage caused by natural disasters. Your home will be secured from all types of unforeseen threats, such as storms, floods, and cyclones, if you have a home insurance coverage.

Acts of God

Your home insurance will protect you from ‘Acts of God.’ Furthermore, even with the most advanced security systems available on the market, there is a risk of theft or robbery. As a result, it is critical to take extra precautions and purchase a home insurance policy that will protect you from any damage or loss caused by a natural or man-made disaster.

Benefits of Home Insurance:

  • Get complete coverage for your home’s contents and structure.
  • By choosing the right property insurance plan, you can protect all of your valuables from any disaster.
  • Purchase a house insurance coverage for a lesser premium than other insurance policies.
  • Reduce your anxiety and worry levels by knowing that you have property insurance to fall back on in the event of unanticipated situations.
  • House insurance payouts arrive on time, allowing families to get back to their usual life as soon as possible.
  • People who do not wish to purchase a full house insurance policy can purchase a Fire Insurance Plan, which covers risks such as fire. However, keep in mind that a comprehensive home insurance plan provides significantly more coverage.
  • Many home insurance companies also provide riders such as Temporary Relocation Cover, Loss of Rent Cover, Dog Insurance Cover, and so on.

What’s covered:

  • It compensates for the losses
  • Covers the structure as well as any additional constructions
  • Personal belongings are covered
  • Breakdown in the electrical system
  • Catastrophes, both natural and man-made
  • Alternative lodging options
  • Damages caused by chance

Why choose Micro Orbit Fintech's Home Insurance?

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